Saturday, February 19, 2011

Something Must Break: RIP Psychocandy

As you've probably surmised by now, Psychocandy Radio is no more. I decided to end the show back in 2009 due to time constraints. I've been hosting another program, Beat City Radio, since late 2007 and putting together six hours of programming every week became far too tiresome. Unfortunately, I had to let my true love die, and now her ghost haunts me. I receive feedback from disgruntled ex-listeners on a fairly regular basis and it really makes me miss putting together this program. Psychocandy Radio was good but it could have been better, and I got too burned out. Beat City Radio has traditionally been a different style of program, but ever-increasingly, I've been playing Post-Punk, New Wave, and Underground Sounds. So if you liked this show, head on over to the Beat City Radio blog and check out the playlists there. I have a JAMC tribute show in the works, as well, which I'll post here (if anyone's still reading). Also, I'll probably post all of the archived Psychocandy shows here sometime. Thanks for listening!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

PsychoCandy Radio September 12, 2008: Spaghetti Western Post-Punk, Finn Riggins, Foals, Bauhaus, The Fall, etc.

Well, isn't this just jammin'? We've got a new post for your viewing pleasure. We also have a brand new episode airing this evening. I'll get the podcast up soon, probably as early as tomorrow. But tonight, I am beat and sleep...or to go out and have fun. Perhaps I'll head over to the First National Bar here in Pocatello to see the always fun and high-energy Hailey, Idaho trio Finn Riggins. They are playing at 9pm with local indie-popsters Spondee, as well as the San Francisco group Low Red Land.

As for tonight's program, the first half is Country-infused and Spaghetti Westernesque Post-punk from the likes of The Lords of the New Church, Pixies, Gun Club, and Theatre of Hate, among others. The second half kicks it up a notch with our usual (mostly) PsychoCandy Radio fare. One band of note in this hour is the Oxford, United Kingdom group Foals, who are playing in Salt Lake City tomorrow evening at Kilby Court with The Future of the Ghost.

The playlist is below, and don't miss the bonus videos. They're both ace.

*Intro* The Smiths - Panic

Gun Club – Cool Drink of Water Blues (Fire of Love) Slash 1981

Cramps – New Kind of Kick (Bad Music for Bad People) IRS 1984

The Lords of the New Church – A Gun Called Justice (Method to Our Madness) IRS 1984

Pixies – Silver (Doolittle) 4AD 1989

Theatre of Hate – Conquistador (Westworld) Burning Rome 1982

Low Red Land – Gunfighter’s Afternoon (Low Red Land Demo) Self-released 2008

*Break/Zipper* Theatre of Hate – The New Trail of Tears

Finn Riggins – Pannin’ for Gold (A Soldier, A Saint, An Ocean Explorer) Tender Loving Empire 2007

finn riggins, ( ) – Have A Glove Cmprtmnt ([alive bugs]) Self-released 2006

Foals – Two Steps Twice (Antidote) Sub Pop 2008

The Fall – Two Steps Back (Live at the Witch Trials) Resurgent 1979

These New Puritans – Colours (Beat Pyramid) Domino 2008

Beehive & The Barracudas – Love is a Bitch (In Dark Love) Swami 2003

*Break/Zipper* In the Journey Promo

Mouse Fire – Started A Fire (Wooden Teeth) Lujo 2008

The Apes – Beat of the Double (Ghost Games) Gypsy Eyes 2008

Bonus Video One: The Fall performing with Coldcut on BBC2 - Telephone Thing

Bonus Video Two: Foals - Red Socks Pugie

Saturday, March 29, 2008

PsychoCandy Radio March 29, 2008: Vampires, Space Monkeys, Strangers Six Feet Under

Here is the podcast for tonight's show. We hear some new and recent releases as well as tracks from the heyday. The first set contains songs that relate to vampires in one way or another. The final set includes A Place to Bury Strangers and The Raveonettes, two groups that have achieved quite a bit of attention, especially as of late. Their songs are coupled with obvious (and quite wonderful) influences Suicide and The Jesus and Mary Chain. Rhino records remastered and reissued five Jesus and Mary Chain records this week. It's been a long time since they've been available at an affordable cost, so if you've got worn out copies, now's your chance to hook up. Hopefully by the end of the show you'll be talking to your chaotic souls in rhymes (yeah, I know, cheez-balleez, but whatever). Enjoy!

To stream the show, click on the link, and to download the podcast, right-click and "Save Target As."

Bonus Video: The Jesus and Mary Chain - Darklands

PsychoCandy Radio March 23, 2008

Ministry – Everyday Is Halloween (Twelve-Inch Singles 1981-1984) Wax Trax! 1985 *Music Bed for Introduction*

Bauhaus Bela Lugosi’s Dead (1979-1983: Vol. 1) Beggars Banquet 1986

Sohodolls My Vampire (Ribbed Music for the Numb Generation) A&G 2007

Old Time RelijunVampire Sushi (Witchcraft Rebellion) K Records 2001

*Station Break* Joy DivisionIncubation (Substance: 1977-1980)

Death House ChaplainBurning Up

The Duke Spirit Lassoo (Neptune) Artist First 2008

Patti SmithSpace Monkey (Easter) Arista 1978

MagazineDefinitive Gaze (Real Life) Virgin 1978

Joy Division From Safety to Where…? (Substance: 1977-1980) Qwest 1988

*Station Break* A Place to Bury Strangers Ocean (A Place to Bury Strangers)

A Place to Bury Strangers To Fix the Gash in Your Head (A Place to Bury Strangers) Killer Pimp 2007

SuicideRocket U.S.A. (Suicide) Red Star 1977

The RaveonettesAly, Walk With Me (Lust, Lust, Lust) Vice 2008

The Jesus and Mary ChainDarklands (Darklands) Blanco y Negro 1987

The Smiths Panic (Louder Than Bombs) Sire 1987 *Music Bed for Closer*

PsychoCandy Radio March 22, 2008: Sex and Politics

It's been a while folks, but here is a fresh episode of post-punk and synth goodness. Check out the ode to seedy underground sex culture and odd relationships in the middle set and the pseudo-political closing set. To stream, click on the link, and to download the podcast, right-click and "Save Target As."

PsychoCandy Radio March 22, 2008
MinistryEveryday Is Halloween (Twelve-Inch Singles 1981-1984) Wax Trax! 1985 *Music Bed for Introduction*

New Order Blue Monday (Substance) Qwest 1987

The Rosebuds I Better Run (Night of the Furies) Merge 2007

Chromatics Night Drive (Night Drive) Italians Do It Better 2007

She Wants Revenge True Romance (This Is Forever) Geffen 2007

*Station Break* Depeche Mode Pipeline (Construction Time Again)

The GloveLike an Animal (Blue Sunshine) Wonderland 1983

Soft Cell Memorabilia (Non-stop Ecstatic Dancing) Sire1982

Sohodolls Stripper (Ribbed Music for the Numb Generation) A&G 2007

The FaintErection (Wet From Birth) Saddle Creek 2004

Nine Inch NailsThe Only Time (Pretty Hate Machine) TVT 1989

*Station Break* Soft Cell A Man Could Get Lost (Non-stop Ecstatic Dancing)

Ministry Just Like You (Twitch) Sire 1986

Nitzer EbbFitness to Purpose (That Total Age) Geffen 1987

Skinny PuppyVx Gas Attack (ViVIsectVI) Nettwerk 1988

The Smiths Panic (Louder Than Bombs) Sire 1987 *Music Bed for Closer*

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Psychocandy Radio 2-2-2008: Finn Riggins, Simple Minds, The Church, etc.

I'm pretty busy tonight and not very talkative, so here's the playlist and a li'l something else for you. Enjoy. To stream the show click on the link and to download, right-click and "Save Target As."

PsychoCandy Radio February 2, 2008
*Opening Theme* Ministry - Everyday Is Halloween (Twelve Inch Singles 1981-1984) Wax Trax! 1985
Finn RigginsFlying (Alive Bugs) Moon Is Not Smooth 2006
PixiesThe Happening (Bossanova) 4AD 1990
Cocteau TwinsPandora (Treasure) 4AD 1984
Soul MerchantsMary Had (1985-1987) Smooch 2007
Pere UbuChinese Radiation (The Modern Dance) Geffen 1978
*Station Break* Lemon KittensThey Are Both Dirty (Spoonfed And Writhing)
A Certain RatioCrippled Child (The Graveyard And The Ballroom) Factory 1980
The Pop GroupShe Is Beyond Good And Evil (Y) Radar 1979
Gang of FourGuns Before Butter (Entertainment!) EMI 1979
Simple MindsLife In A Day (Life In A Day) Zoom 1979
The ChurchChrome Injury (Of Skins & Heart) Arista 1981
Flesh For LuluStupid In The Street (Plastic Fantastic) Capitol 1989
*Station Break* Nine Inch NailsEraser (The Downward Spiral)
Soft CellSex Dwarf (Non-Stop Ecstatic Dancing) Sire 1982
Depeche ModeMaster And Servant (Some Great Reward) Sire 1984

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Psychocandy Radio 1-19-2008

A new show, you say? Yes, that's right muthafucka! Here's the podcast and playlist for the January 19, 2008 episode of Psychocandy. It's the first new show I've done this year and I hope you enjoy it. As a sort of tribute to one of my good friends, whose birthday just happened to coincide with the airing of this episode, the middle section contains songs that all relate to Bauhaus in one way or another. Click the Podcast link to stream or right-click and "save target as" to download the show. Enjoi.


Bonus Video: Bauhaus covering David Bowie's "Ziggy Stardust"

*Opening Theme* Ministry Everyday Is Halloween (Twelve Inch Singles 1981-1984) Wax Trax! 1985

The Mission U.K.Butterfly On A Wheel (Carved In Sand) Phonogram Ltd. 1990

Echo & The BunnymenHeaven Up Here (Heaven Up Here)Sire 1981

The Jesus & Mary ChainHappy When It Rains (Darklands) Blanco y Negro 1987

The CrampsDomino (Gravest Hits) IRS 1979

*Station Break* The Soft BoysI Love Lucy (Nextdoorland) Matador 2002

The BubblemenBubblemen Rap Extended (The Bubblemen Are Coming! 7") Beggars Banquet 1988

Love and RocketsLife In Laralay (Express)Beggars Banquet 1986

BauhausSilent Hedges (The Sky’s Gone Out) A&M 1982

Nouvelle VagueBela Lugosi’s Dead (Bande A Part)Justin Time 2006

*Station Break* The Cure - Hot, Hot Hot!!! (Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me) Fiction 1987

Colin NewmanS-S-S Star Eyes (A-Z)Restless 1980

Red Lorry Yellow LorryTalk About The Weather (Talk About The Weather) Red Rhino 1985

Depeche ModeNew Dress (Black Celebration)Sire 1986

Glass CandyDigital Versicolor – (Beat Box)Italians Do It Better 2007

My Robot Friend w/ Zombie NationThe Cut – (Dial 0)Soma 2006

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Psychocandy Radio 12-22-2007 X-Mas Special!

Here we are again with an update in a series of entries that are quite a few weeks apart. For that we do apologize; however, with the new year (yeah, I know it's the nineteenth, but we're just getting over the holiday festivities in slacker-land), we plan to keep you more up to date with the happenings on this end as well as produce some special episodes highlighting the careers of such luminaries as The Cure, Bauhaus, and Ministry, among others. But for now, here is the podcast for the X-mas episode that aired on December 22, 2007, as well as the playlist. If you'll take note, the playlist format has changed a bit and here is a little key for figuring out all the ballyhoo. Artist - Song Title (Album) Record Label Release Year


XTC- Thanks For Christmas (Rag ‘N’ Bone Buffet) Geffen 1990

Throwing MusesSanta Claus (Throwing Muses EP) Blowing Fuses 1984

Chris Stamey Group -Christmas Time (Christmas Time) Coyote 1986

Timbuk 3All I Want For Christmas (Just In Time For Christmas) Capitol 1990

Patti SmithWhite Christmas (White Christmas/No Jestering 7”) Jason

*STATION BREAK* TuxedomoonYou [Christmas Mix] (Solve et Coagula) Crammed Discs 1994

London After MidnightThe Christmas Song (Excelsis Vol. 2 – A Winter’s Song – Projekt) Projekt 1999

The Fall
No X-Mas For John Quays (Live At The Witch Trials) Resurgent 1979

Alien Sex FiendStuff The Turkey (Here Cum Germs) PVC 1987

Saccharine TrustA Christmas Cry (A Christmas Cry 7”) SST/New Alliance 1981

The RaveonettesThe Christmas Song (Maybe This Christmas Tree) Nettwerk 2004

*STATION BREAK* Durutti Column One Christmas For Your Thoughts (LC) Factory 1981

The RamonesMerry Christmas [I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight] (Brain Drain) Sire 1989

Billy IdolLet It Snow (Happy Holidays: A Very Special Christmas Album) Edel Germany 2006

The WaitressesChristmas Wrapping (The Best of The Waitresses) Polydor 1990

They Might Be GiantsSanta’s Beard (Lincoln) Restless 1989

The PoguesFairytale Of New York (If I Should Fall from Grace with God) Island 1988

Cocteau TwinsFrosty The Snowman (Snow) Fontana 1998

Love & RocketsHoliday On The Moon (Express) Beggars Banquet 1985